The Orion Monitor Program  was one of the first full multi-tasking and multi-programming operating system supporting a mixed commercial and scientific computer workload working in a commercial environment.  Its first customer installation was on the first Orion delivered to a customer - AB Turitz & Co of Gothenburg, Sweden - in March 1963.

This listing has been transcribed by the scanning, followed by the manual editing, of a printout of ORION/SYSTEM/OMP/MK2/.9/CHAR/17APR69 that was printed nearly 50 years ago!   It is therefore likely to have transcription errors which I hope will be corrected in due course.   This HTML file has been through several phases of correction and is Version 5, created on 16th January 2016.  Updates will be applied when sufficient further errors have been  discovered and corrected.


[Other introductory remarks about OMP to be added later.]