The Ferranti ORION Computer System

Welcome to the Ferranti Orion website. 

This currently contains
(1) A link to the original brochure whose cover is shown above,
(2) The Orion Programmers' Reference Manual,
(3) The 102 Computer memorandum No B50 entitled Extracode Mode & the Special Extracode Orders,
(4) A paper describing the simulation of the Orion's Timesharing System written by Henry Goodman and originally published in the Computer Bulletin, and
(5)  The report of the Orion 2 Contact group, set up by Gordon Harvey following the Orion 2 seminar held by the Computer Conservation Society on 29th October, 2003.

If anybody has access to additional material that could usefully be added to this site, please contact me by email at:



Malcolm Bigg
(Ferranti/ICT 1962-67)