The Ferranti ORION Computer System

Welcome to the Ferranti Orion website. 

This currently contains
(1) A link to the original brochure whose cover is shown to the left
(2) The Orion Programmers' Reference Manual
(3) The 102 Computer memorandum No B50 entitled Extracode Mode & the Special Extracode Orders
(4) A listing of the Orion 2 Extracode programs Version 2.5E dated 6 April 1967
(5) A paper describing the simulation of the Orion's Timesharing System written by Henry Goodman and originally published in the Computer Bulletin
(6) The report of the Orion 2 Contact group, set up by Gordon Harvey following the Orion 2 seminar held by the Computer Conservation Society on 29th October, 2003
(7) Circuit Philosophy and Design for the Package Family used in Orion 2 and FP6000 by FG Heath
(8) A listing of the Orion Monitor Programme (OMP) Version 2.9 dated 7 April 1969

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Malcolm Bigg
(Ferranti/ICT 1962-67)